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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Got my first lace front wig from Uniwigs and I love it! It looks so realistic, and everyone who has seen me wearing it asked me if I have dyed my hair. Even though it is made out of synthetic hair, it doesn't get tangled as much as any of the other wigs I have tried. And trust me, I've tried a lot! I have a full drawer of different colors of hair extensions and wigs. The hair is really soft and smooth, and all you have to do before wearing is brush it with the brush they send you together with the wig. It also comes with a cap to put your own hair away. The wig is really a perfect solution to when you want to color your hair, but don't want those grown out roots, and don't want to damage it. I would even wear it when I go out. The only reason I've worn it for pictures only so far is because it's really hot right now in LA, but I would definitely wear it out in fall or winter. The main reason I love this wig so much is because of how perfect its hairline is. If you scroll down you can see a closeup picture of it. You can't even tell that I'm wearing a wig! Since I'm really into changing my hair, but I haven't done it recently because I don't want my hair damaged, I would be very happy to get more colorful lace wigs from Uniwigs and style different looks with them.