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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Got a lot of black items from Zaful for this review. First one is a black mesh cover-up. I noticed recently that all the other cover-ups I had were either white or floral, so I decided to get a black one. I think I have an obsession with owning everything of every possible color. I would get nail polishes of every color, skirts, tops, dresses, even contact lenses! For some of these I would even organize them by colors in my wardrobe or on the shelves, like in a rainbow order, so that it's easier to find things. The black cover-up is really cute and flowy. I really like how it can keep you cool on a hot day. 

I also got these cute strappy heels. Surprisingly, first time I wore them was on a night out, and I had to walk really a lot, but I was still fine by the end of the night. They would go with almost anything because of the simple yet stylish design, and the color!

This time I decided to get a lot of these black necklaces and chokers that I've been wanting for a while now. Some of you have probably seen me wearing the first choker with a lot of small pendants on my snaps. It's a lot better than other chain necklaces I wore before, since it didn't get tangled in my hair! I haven't worn any of the other necklaces yet, but I'm planning to soon. I feel like the second witchy looking one might be perfect for a halloween or some kind of cosplay. The third wave necklace probably needs some ironing with my hair iron before I wear it, so that it looks more straight. And the last silver necklace is actually the first of its kind in my jewelry collection. I haven't had one that is worn from the back with the empty space in the front yet, and I hope it is small enough to not fall off!

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Heels and Necklaces

Got these cutest heels and two necklaces from Zaful. I've been wearing high heels a lot more lately like I mentioned on one of the previous posts. Now I'm even able to walk and dance in thin heels! It used to be wedged or chunky heels only. I feel like that's a progress! Soon I might even be able to wear super high heels, but I kind of like styles like these more. These heels are very comfortable! As a tip for those of you who are just starting to wear heels my advice would be to start small and work your way up. Chunky heels or wedges are the most comfortable ones, then you can start wearing thin pumps like these. The easiest ones from thin heeled shoes would be the ones that are pretty covered instead of having 2 straps only. Also, you will get tired a lot less wearing sandals rather than closed toe shoes. For these sandals, you can lace them up just once like I did on the photo below, or go a little higher to make them look like longer lace-ups.

Also, I've been a lot into these torque styled necklaces recently! I feel like they can make any outfit more fancy, they are perfect for like clubbing or parties. For something else, for example going out for a dinner or movies, I'd rather wear just a cute small pendant. Both torques are kind of similar in style since both are silver and pretty thick. I've worn the triangle/heart shaped one for a party last week, and for my photoshoot where I was wearing a blonde wig. You can check out the photos on my Instagram @AlisaSia.

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Summer Fashion

Here's my review of some summery beachy fashion items from Rosegal. Now in August it's been getting super hot here so it's a perfect time to wear bathing suits for and go to the beach or pool!

First one is the pink bathing suit with fringe. It can also be worn as a crop top with a skirt or shorts as well! I love the design as it's very unique and different from most of the other ones. It has some really nice lace detailing as well.

Second one is this cutest mermaid bathing suit with pearls. The one that I got from Rosegal is the one on the left with a high waisted bottom. There's another low-rise one I got earlier, so I'd say wearing these two would be perfect to twin with your BFF! I might even do it sometime soon.

Last one is a two-piece set of a crop top and shorts. The top is really cute and flowy, and shorts are so comfortable! Nevermind me showing 3 fingers lol I did this for a promotional photo on Instagram, and it ended up the only photo I had with this outfit. 

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Gamiss Review

Review of some items from Gamiss - an online clothing store. First one is this high waisted floral bikini set. I loved it a lot since I've seen in online, but unfortunately I picked the wrong size and both the top and the bottom were too big for me! I guess I could still wear the top even though it's big, but there's no way I can wear the bottom unless I try to make it smaller. So I decided to give it away to my mom as a gift since she likes high waisted bathing suits a lot. 

This mermaid bikini set is so cute! I love the rainbow colors, and how the bra is shaped just like shells. The top was a little small for me, and the bottom a little big. Well, for the bottom I tied it up on the sides and it became fine. I let my friend borrow the top though when we went to the pool, and it looked really good on her.

This star print b&w dress is something different from what I usually wear, and I feel like the style is very interesting. I usually wear either a-line or bodycon dresses, so I would really love to wear something like this. It's kind of casual but kind of dressy at the same time, so I am probably going to wear it to like for a lunch/dinner, or for hanging out with friends during the day.

I have a couple of tops similar to this flowy floral blue top. They go really well with small high waisted denim shorts! I think it could also look nice and slightly fancier with a tight mini skirt. I would not recommend wearing it with an a-line/skater skirt.

I've actually worn this gray off shoulder top once for shopping and dinner with my friends. I paired it with a black pleated skirt, and it looked really nice! It can be worn both as fully off-shoulder, or you can pull the sleeves up a little, and it would look more like a tshirt. This one and all the other products from Gamiss on my review are very high quality and look exactly like their photos! I would recommend paying attention to the sizing chart though, so you can have your clothes fitting perfectly.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Focus on me

Another post with me wearing the same gray lace front wig from Uniwigs. They have so many cute colorful wigs available that I would be really excited to style! In this look I wasn't really going for Ariana Grande style at first, but once I tried this wig on a couple of people were like "OMG you look so much like her in her Focus music video!" So since I already wore it with a white crop top and white skirt, I decided to add these over the knee boots to make it kind of similar in style to what she was wearing in Focus. By the way, this wig came just in time - exactly while I was decorating my new room in all light gray, light pink, and white. My old room had too much bright pink stuff, and I got tired of it. I feel like right now I'm really into these pale neutral colors because it's so easy to just add any accessories to them to change the look. I even used a pale pink lipstick which I usually don't, and I think it matched perfectly with this hair color.