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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Irresistible Me

Hair extensions from Irresistible Me are the best ones ever! I've got a thicker, longer, and natural looking hair with an ombre effect. 

Since I always felt like my hair was not long enough, or not thick enough, I have tried a lot of different hair extensions for the past few years, but these extensions from Irresistible Me seem to look and feel the best. 

It came in a very nice packaging, and I'm planning to use the ziplock bag and the box as a storage for the extensions. When I opened it and looked at the hair pieces, first thing I checked was if the hairs were falling out. Usually when I got extensions from different places, I had to put a thin line of super glue on the very top part to keep the hairs from falling out. With these ones, all the hairs seemed to be holding up well, so I didn't have to glue them. 

Probably the main reason I love these extensions, and the reason why they look so realistic is because they are really really thick! I got the Royal Light Brown (#6) in 22 inches. It is 200g and has 10 clip-in pieces. 

Here's my before and after photo. I already really liked the way the extensions blended with my hair giving it an ombre effect, but I think they might have looked even better in loose curls.

This is my very first OOTD photo taken with my new DSLR camera (I've been taking it with iPhone all the time). I still have to learn how to adjust the settings to blur the background more, but I already love the way the photos came out!

Got my whole outfit from Dresslink (click on the links under the photos to go to the products' pages):