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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Organize Your Jewelry

If you have a jewelry collection, and you are tired of it getting all tangled and messed up, this post is for you! Even if your jewelry is kind of organized already, I will show you stylish yet efficient ways to keep it. 

Let's start with the necklaces. I hang my big and chunky necklaces on these cute Dress Necklace Holders. They come in all styles and colors, and are usually sold in gift stores (these type of stores that have plush toys, souvenirs etc), or sometimes you might be able to find them in Ross stores or online. They can be used to hang different things too, such as bracelets and earrings, but I like to use them for my necklaces.
For small thin necklaces with pendants, I use this special Transparent Necklace Organizer box. I got it about a year ago from eBay for about $20, and it was worth the price! It has two layers with 36 separate slots in total. Necklaces never get tangled there! I used to have a simple jewelry box without any dividers, and everything got messed up all the time in there!
The last organizer I use for necklaces is this Pink Mini Dresser with drawers. It even has a mirror, so it could be used as a make-up box as well. Here I keep necklaces that either didn't fit in the transparent box, or were too long to hang on the Dress Necklace Holders. 
Moving on to rings now. Here's the photo of my main ring organizer. It has 100 slots! It also has a transparent cover to protect from dust which I find very useful. It's almost full now because some of the big rings are taking up extra space. Got if from eBay last year as well, and all I remember is that it was really cheap. 

I also keep some of my rings out on these cute and fashionable Shoe Ring Holders. I got them in an unimaginably cheap store that had all kinds of jewelries and accessories, and everything there was sold either for $1 or $5! I don't remember the name of the store, but me and my boyfriend found it inside an outlet mall in Pasadena. I would love to go there again sometime soon, and would recommend everyone to check it out! You can also buy these Shoe Ring Holders in gift shops or online. 
Next are bracelets. This bracelet holder was perfect until my bracelets stopped fitting! So some of them are just laying around my room waiting till I buy an extra holder for them. When shopping for these on eBay, I couldn't decide between this 3-tier one and another 5-tier, so I chose this one thinking that I won't really buy any more bracelets. Then I ended up buying more and more until they stopped fitting, and guess what's the worst thing? I almost never wear any of these! In fact, I haven't touched this bracelet holder for at least few months. :/ 
So, this holder is a really good way to organize your bracelets, but I would recommend to consider how many you already have, and how often you are going to buy new ones before choosing the size. If you have only a few bracelets, you might want to get a T-holder stand.
This bracelet holder is standing on one of my shelves, so just to give an idea of how to organize your jewelry organizers, I'm going to share photos of some of my other shelves. 
Last but not least of the jewelries are earrings. I have collected way too many earrings since middle school, and I literally never wear them anymore. I still keep them all hanging on my holders as souvenirs or room decorations, hoping that I would start wearing them again sometime. I got this pink and white rotating jewelry stand at Ross stores, and I've seen similar things in gift shops as well. It has hooks for the longest earrings (which could also be used for necklaces/bracelets), rubbers for medium drop earrings, and small slots for studs. In the back, it has shelves to keep anything that's small enough to fit.
This is it with the jewelries, but as a bonus I'm going to show you my hair pin and headband organizers. I made these out of photo frames and hanged on my wall. 
The headband organizer is also DIY. For both hair pins and headbands, I got tired of them always getting messed up inside my drawers, so I tried looking for some kind of organizer for them. I did find some organizers online, but all of their sizes were really small, and the prices were pretty high. I also would have had to buy at least 3 of each to fit all my stuff. So, I decided to be creative and make these myself. If enough people get interested in how I made these, I am going to write a DIY tutorial post.
So, in the end, I would like to say that even though I gave a lot of examples of pretty organizers you could buy, you don't have to spend a lot of money to keep your things neat. Just be creative and try using some of the things you already have. In the past, before I got all my jewelry holders, I used to keep my jewelries in kitchen dividers that I put inside my drawers. It got messy sometimes, but usually kept everything clean. I keep my nail polishes there now.