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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Red, Pink, Florals, Laces ✿

Red, Pink, Florals, Laces. Have at least one of them in your Valentine's Day outfit, mix and match them, or maybe even have them all! Here's a pic where I have them all in my outfit: a dark red lace top and a pink floral skirt.
ANGL top and FOREVER 21 skirt
I put some outfits together for you to see and get ideas of what to wear for Valentine's Day. First set of Red, Pink, Florals, Laces is in the "dolly" style that I usually have on my Instagram pictures. I mixed them with bright colors, a-line skirts and crop tops. 
Second set of outfits has a little "darker" style. I tried wearing something a little different from what I usually do, so that more of you could get inspirations from my blog. 
Other than Red, Pink, Florals, Laces, the print that you can never go wrong with for Valentine's Day is HEARTS! This is the outfit that I'm planning to wear myself for the Valentine's. I'm wearing pink top with heart prints from Wet Seal, white pleated skirt from eBay, hair flower from Forever 21, and white lace pointy toe heels from Make Me Chic. 

Here's another pic with the same outfit where I decided to add a quote. The picture looked too empty and the quote seemed to match it very well. 

I love this picture of me and my loveliest dearest boyfriend/fiancé so much! By the way, it feels really weird for me to call him that, especially using the word "boyfriend," because we are more like a married couple who was together for millions of years, or even closer way to describe us would be to say that we are like one person. Siamla is our couple name and 22 is our number ♡  
Also, for those who didn't know Sia is kind of like a nickname that came from Siamla, and I'm going to add it as my middle name sometime soon.  

Now going back to the Red, Pink, Florals, Laces outfits. Here are some pictures that I picked from the old ones that I already posted on my Instagram, or the new ones that I didn't get to post yet. I hope you get some more outfit ideas from looking at these:





To end my post, here's a Valentine's Day nails idea: 1 - index finger and ring finger - paint your nails pink, get a small piece of lace, cut it in the shape of your nail, paint it with white nail polish, and then stick it on the nail. Apply clear coat on top. If you don't paint it with the white polish, then after putting on the clear coat the lace is going to become invisible. 2 - middle finger and pinky - paint nails white, then draw medium sized dots with dark pink polish. Get a toothpick, dip it in the lighter pink polish, and draw the lines inside the dark pink circles, to make it look like a rose. Apply clear coat after it dries. 3 - thumb - paint it pink, and stick tiny pearls in the shape of the heart. Do not put on the clear coat on this one! The pearls will start looking weird if you do. 

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog and got some fashion inspirations for yourself!