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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summer Fashion

Here's my review of some summery beachy fashion items from Rosegal. Now in August it's been getting super hot here so it's a perfect time to wear bathing suits for and go to the beach or pool!

First one is the pink bathing suit with fringe. It can also be worn as a crop top with a skirt or shorts as well! I love the design as it's very unique and different from most of the other ones. It has some really nice lace detailing as well.

Second one is this cutest mermaid bathing suit with pearls. The one that I got from Rosegal is the one on the left with a high waisted bottom. There's another low-rise one I got earlier, so I'd say wearing these two would be perfect to twin with your BFF! I might even do it sometime soon.

Last one is a two-piece set of a crop top and shorts. The top is really cute and flowy, and shorts are so comfortable! Nevermind me showing 3 fingers lol I did this for a promotional photo on Instagram, and it ended up the only photo I had with this outfit. 

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