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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Heels and Necklaces

Got these cutest heels and two necklaces from Zaful. I've been wearing high heels a lot more lately like I mentioned on one of the previous posts. Now I'm even able to walk and dance in thin heels! It used to be wedged or chunky heels only. I feel like that's a progress! Soon I might even be able to wear super high heels, but I kind of like styles like these more. These heels are very comfortable! As a tip for those of you who are just starting to wear heels my advice would be to start small and work your way up. Chunky heels or wedges are the most comfortable ones, then you can start wearing thin pumps like these. The easiest ones from thin heeled shoes would be the ones that are pretty covered instead of having 2 straps only. Also, you will get tired a lot less wearing sandals rather than closed toe shoes. For these sandals, you can lace them up just once like I did on the photo below, or go a little higher to make them look like longer lace-ups.

Also, I've been a lot into these torque styled necklaces recently! I feel like they can make any outfit more fancy, they are perfect for like clubbing or parties. For something else, for example going out for a dinner or movies, I'd rather wear just a cute small pendant. Both torques are kind of similar in style since both are silver and pretty thick. I've worn the triangle/heart shaped one for a party last week, and for my photoshoot where I was wearing a blonde wig. You can check out the photos on my Instagram @AlisaSia.

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