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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Got a lot of black items from Zaful for this review. First one is a black mesh cover-up. I noticed recently that all the other cover-ups I had were either white or floral, so I decided to get a black one. I think I have an obsession with owning everything of every possible color. I would get nail polishes of every color, skirts, tops, dresses, even contact lenses! For some of these I would even organize them by colors in my wardrobe or on the shelves, like in a rainbow order, so that it's easier to find things. The black cover-up is really cute and flowy. I really like how it can keep you cool on a hot day. 

I also got these cute strappy heels. Surprisingly, first time I wore them was on a night out, and I had to walk really a lot, but I was still fine by the end of the night. They would go with almost anything because of the simple yet stylish design, and the color!

This time I decided to get a lot of these black necklaces and chokers that I've been wanting for a while now. Some of you have probably seen me wearing the first choker with a lot of small pendants on my snaps. It's a lot better than other chain necklaces I wore before, since it didn't get tangled in my hair! I haven't worn any of the other necklaces yet, but I'm planning to soon. I feel like the second witchy looking one might be perfect for a halloween or some kind of cosplay. The third wave necklace probably needs some ironing with my hair iron before I wear it, so that it looks more straight. And the last silver necklace is actually the first of its kind in my jewelry collection. I haven't had one that is worn from the back with the empty space in the front yet, and I hope it is small enough to not fall off!

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