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Thursday, July 14, 2016

White and Beige

This is another one outfit of which I took photos more than a month ago but never got to post. So get ready for a lot of posts coming this week and following weeks! When picking my clothes for the collab, I never thought of matching this top with this skirt, but once I saw them together I loved it! I usually wouldn't mix a ruffled top with a ruffled skirt, but I guess this is one of these exceptions where it actually looks good. I feel like beige and white put together always give this nice kind of neutral and bright look. I also wore these heels that are very high and very hard to even stand in! I usually wear heels for photos only, like I would walk around in my flats and then change to heels right before having the photos taken. But since my trip to Vegas I've realized that I'm actually completely fine even dancing and driving in heels! These ones are probably the only uncomfortable ones since they are very high and thin at the same time. I think that a heel should be either chunky and high, or thin but regular sized. I also curled my hair to match the ruffles! 

Get the top here.

I also got these two black tops from Wholesalebuying. Click on the photos to get them!