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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Crochet Lace

The top that I'm wearing is actually a bathing suit, but I decided to wear it as a crochet lace top and matched it with this suede button up skirt. Get the top here from cndirect. I feel like this outfit is really matching both my hair color and my hair style. Like in my previous post, curly wavy hair was matching with the ruffles, and this slightly messy kind of wavy kind of straight hair is matching this look. The bathing suit is really cute, but it was really short for me and slightly loose. I could wear it for the photo only otherwise it would start falling off. When I went to Vegas I gave it to my friend to wear and it looked really good on her! I've been trying to get these types of suede button up skirts, and I've seen a lot of people wear these this spring, but this one is so cute and different from others! It's not just straight on the bottom but it has those nice cut out details! And it's more flared than most of these skirts.