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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pleated Skirt

First when I was planning the look I imagined it as something you would wear as a streetstyle, but then by adding these shoes and a bow tie on my hair I ended up looking like a schoolgirl. 

The skirt and the top are from Dresslink. Get them here:
White Lace Top
Pleated Dark Green Skirt

The top also comes in black, and the skirt in a few different colors! Both are very sheer so they are great for hot weather, but you might want to wear a small tank top under the top and underskirt shorts. The top is not that long, but I tucked it inside the skirt. It might also look good if you just keep it out. 

As for the hairstyle, this one is my all time favorite - half ponytail. I usually feel like I look better with my hair up in a ponytail, but when I do want to keep my hair down, half ponytail is just perfect! A lot of times when I style my hair this way people say that I look like Ariana Grande. I am not trying to copy her by the way, even though I do like her clothing style. I've been doing my hair like this for years since I was really young, and I think that mine looks kind of different anyway.