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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Black Floral

This outfit is something I would definitely wear if I were still in high or middle school, but since I go to college I usually don't  dress up since I don't care. Short skirt, long socks, sneakers and a hoodie for a cute school girl look right? Sometimes I wish I could go to high school right now - plus all the life experiences I've had already - minus the studying. Life would have been way more fun! Obviously I can't do that, but what makes me feel good about myself is that everyone always tells me that I look really young, and I usually dress accordingly. At this point in my life I have almost no responsibilities at all, and I can do whatever I want and be whoever I want to be. I also started driving about a month ago, and I've been really enjoying it! Usually I have my fiance or one of my friends next to me while I'm driving, but sometimes I really feel like just driving around by myself in the evenings when it's not too hot and listening to music. 

Enough about my life, let me tell you about my outfit as always. The floral hoodie and the skirt are from Dresslink. The sleeves and the hood are made out of thin material, but the black part in the middle is kind of thick. I wish it were thinner though, so I could still wear it in summer, but it's good enough the way it is. Shoes are Jordans from Nike store that I got few years ago. I usually don't wear them because they're too big for me. I really liked the design, but there was no smaller size! They're also kids shoes by the way. I "stole" the socks from my fiance because all of mine are either really short, or over the knee.

I'm really happy about how my hair ended up looking on these photos, the bottom part looks like it's gold! I love it so much!