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Sunday, March 20, 2016

White & Gray

This grey lace-up top, white pleated skirt, and white and gold superstars are some of the items that I've been seeing on my Instagram feed all the time for the past few months, and now I've finally decided to put them together in my own way. 

The lace-up top can be worn as a top or as a sweater dress (got it from Dresslink). I might style it as a dress with thigh high socks, or over the knee boots sometime later. For now I thought it would be better to wear it with a skirt. It's funny how I have two exactly same white pleated skirts, and one of them is too big for me and the other one too small. Now after following a specific "diet" for about a month I'm finally fitting into the smaller skirt! :D It isn't exactly a diet, and it's pretty simple - I'll share it with you guys soon if it keeps working well for me.

I really like how this look is very neutral but light at the same time. It's also my first time wearing non-wedge sneakers for a picture. I guess adding these white and gold adidas superstars instead of something more fancy like heels made the whole outfit cuter and more casual. Every time we have a photoshoot I usually wear heels, but normally I actually wear sneakers and flats all the time. I'm probably going to start taking more photos wearing sneakers and shorts and stuff like that, because I feel like most of my outfits are way too fancy, and I should probably start showing what I actually wear in my everyday life.