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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Polka Dot

I would describe this outfit as simple and fun yet sophisticated. You can see a mix of patterns here - the polka dots on the dress and the lines on the bag. Since both are white with black patterns, they match each other perfectly and at the same time they look like they are very well styled. 

I love how the dress has polka dots of two different sizes, and a lace detailing on the waist. It is very comfortable and the length is perfect as well. Other thing I like about it is that the back part stretches! Meaning it won't be small or big for you if you gain or lose weight. The bag is also amazing. The quality is really good, and I can even carry it to school! Usually most of my bags are too small to fit regular notebooks and folders, so I just buy small notebooks instead. But this one fits anything! I might get exactly same one but in black sometime later. Both the dress and the bag are from Wholesalebuying.

I wasn't really going for a barbie doll look at first, but then after styling my hair in two half-ponytails, I felt like making it more dolly. It was easy to do so by adding these purple-pink pumps from Amiclubwear and a pastel pink necklace. Even though their color shades aren't really close, they still complement each other - same as how the dress and the bag do. Scroll down to see a closeup of everything!