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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Queen of Hearts

Even though this outfit looks like it's perfect for Valentine's Day, it is also very casual and can be worn even when there is no special occasion.

Because of the way I'm standing, and the way my face and hair looks, this photo makes me feel like a doll or an animation or a Covet Fashion character. I used to play it a lot few years ago, but now I almost never have time to even open the app. Also, since the hearts are black, and the whole look is very monochromatic, I think that just by adding a couple of details it could be easily turned into a Halloween outfit - something like a creepy "queen of hearts" doll (for example, darker hair and makeup, fake blood, etc). 

I really love this heart top - it is so interesting and unusual! It's not just a top with a big heart printed on it: it is a crop top, and the bottom part of the heart is sticking out, making it pop even more. This part is already visible enough when paired with a black skirt, but would be even more obvious when worn with something of a different color on the bottom.  

Here's a layout of this outfit and another outfit inspiration for Valentine's Day that I haven't worn yet. All the clothing items are from Wholesalebuying.