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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Flowers and Pastels

This is one of the most perfect dresses I've ever got. I've been keeping it in my wishlist since winter started, waiting till it gets warmer to get it. The way the tulips print is designed, and its colors are way too gorgeous! On top of everything, it doesn't look like a typical floral print. Since it's already hot here during the day, I could be wearing it even now, or it can be a nice shift dress to be wearing in spring and summer when it gets even hotter. 

I love how this dress is loose enough to keep me looking skinny even after I eat, but really stylish at the same time - because usually most of my other comfortable loose dresses look very casual and not fancy enough. 

Since the dress is colorful by itself, I thought that the accessories should be neutral, so I've paired it with white and gold studded high-heeled shoes, and a matching white and gold purse. I remember hearing it as one of the basic fashion rules of the past - that your shoes and purse need to match. Even though now it doesn't matter at all, and we see a lot of looks with contrasting shoes and purses, if you're not sure which shoes to wear with which purse - just pick matching ones!

See more photos and outfit details below:

Dress from DealSale 
Watch Item Number: SV003420 
Dress Item Number: YC000289
Scarf Item Number: SV014777