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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pale Pink

I've been thinking for a while of styling something in a "dolly barbie" style that could be worn when it's cold. That made me think of pale pink color, boots and knits. The outfit ended up being less wintery that I imagined it to be at first, probably because it's never really cold here. I don't remember if I have mentioned this anywhere earlier, but I am thinking of going to Las Vegas this January for a couple of days or for a week before school starts. My fiance and I have been planning it for a while: since we are going to marry in Vegas, we need to go there sometime before the wedding to get all the paperwork done anyway. And on top of that, I've been there only in summers when it was really hot, and I've always wanted to go there during the winter - when it's colder there than in Los Angeles.

I've been looking for pink lace-up ankle boots for a long time, but could never find them anywhere, until I saw these perfect ones on Sammydress. You can get the boots here and see more photos of them below. You can also check out these pink ankle boots that are really similar to mine, but also have removable fur. I was trying to choose between these two when looking through their online store, and ended up picking mine because of the fur being shorter. I didn't really need it to be removable, and I thought that I could just get another ones without it later if I feel like it. 

I thought of styling the pink cardigan and the boots with a dress and a hat at first, but then I couldn't find the right dress and because of the cardigan being loose and fur on the boots the whole outfit ended up looking very bulky. So then, instead of a dress I wore a white lace crop top and high waisted gray denim shorts. It was really warm outside, even though it was raining while I was having my pictures taken. 

I also got the cutest necklace from Sammydress with pearls and a bowknot! Get it here and see the photo below!