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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Vogos Fashion

In this post I will show you my looks styled with items VOGOS - an online fashion store that provides runway catwalk videos of each item they sell. I think this is really helpful when deciding whether to buy something or not, because it shows each item from every angle which is something photos can't do.

I found the concept of showing videos for each clothing item really amazing. On top of that, it is the first online store in Asia that offers that! All of their are really fashionable, and their quality is perfect. After I have already picked my outfit, I browsed through their store again, and found a lot of new arrivals that I really liked. I would totally dress at again, and I would really recommend all of you ladies to shop there!

When I first went to their website to choose what to get, I picked the shoes first, and then created an outfit around them, which is something I do most of the time whenever I go to any online store. I picked Aria Shoe Boot - an open toe ankle boots with high heels, and unlike most of the heels they were really comfortable to walk in! Then I chose Betsey Coat - it was in the Dresses section, so I guess it could be worn as a coat and as a warm dress. I really loved the ruffle on bottom, and I felt like this is what was making it look unique and different from most of the other trench coats. Next one was the Paige top - white and fluffy! It is made out of small tassels that make it very soft. It also isn't too warm, so it is just perfect for LA's winters and falls. I finished the outfit with the Brooke Skirt - a leather grey mini skirt. 
I also got the Minnie Cardigan from them, but didn't get to style it with anything yet. It is super soft, warm, and cute! I am definitely going to wear it when it gets a little colder, and share my pictures with you guys here or on my Instagram
Top: Paige top
Skirt: Brooke Skirt
Cardigan: Minnie Cardigan

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