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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Lace on Lace

Styled 2 outfits featuring white lace shoes from Wholesalebuying. They look really cute and unique, and are very comfortable at the same time! Everything in both of the outfits that I've put together is of lace or crochet material. 

For the first look, I paired the shoes with a pink bralet, and off-white shorts. Shorts look like something in between a skirt and shorts, so they are more like a skort I guess. Would make a great outfit in spring or summer just by itself, or if paired with a kimono or thin cardigan. It could also be worn in fall or winter with a warm knit cardigan, and with over-the-knee socks, but I feel like these colors and the lace should be worn when it's warmer.

The second outfit looks almost fully white, but notice that the skirt is of a slightly different shade. I usually don't ever put white and off-white together in an outfit because it makes the off-white item look like it's dirty, but here it matches perfectly.  Same as the previous one, this can be worn during any season. Since there's only one color in this outfit, the possibilities of pairing it with different cardigans, scarfs, socks, stockings, bags and accessories are endless. 

Get the shoes here, and see more photos of shoes below.