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Friday, November 13, 2015

Outfit Inspirations OASAP

Bright Florals or Elegant Neutrals? Which one would you prefer?
Today I'm going to talk about two outfits I put together using clothing items from OASAP

I used the same black dress for both, and tried creating similar yet different looks with it. First one - the "Elegant Neutrals" - is perfect to wear right now during this fall. I always feel like the main fall colors are either orange, burgundy and brown or really neutral ones like black, grey and tan. I also think that a dress + cardigan is the best combination to wear in LA right now. It's cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon, and cold again in the evening. Dress + cardigan is perfect because you could just take the cardigan off during the day instead of changing the whole outfit. Also, just simply adding the necklace can turn the look from casual to fancy. 

As for the second look "Bright Florals," I feel like the multi-colored necklace, and the mint blazer are really going to stand out when worn with the black dress. What I really like about this one, is that it can look really classy and fun at the same time. For the shoes, I would suggest wearing it either with flats or with pumps. Ankle boots could also look good, but not the long boots, since the dress is knee length. 

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