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Friday, May 8, 2015

Vintage Paris

After receiving my "Paris" black-and-white tote bag and matching shoes, I felt like dressing in an elegant way with a hint of vintage in it. It is amazing how I could achieve this look just by matching contemporary items in a certain way. All of these, if worn separately, would have looked completely different!

Bag and shoes: Dresslink
Skirt and top: Forever 21
Wearing a hat was also very important in achieving the vintage look. This was the only hat with wide brim that I had so far, and it got way too floppy, so I pinned it with a brooch to make it look better. I also ordered 3 more hats online, and I'm planning to style some summer and vintage looks with them soon.
If you would like to see a different, more colorful outfit with the same bag and shoes, here's another look that I styled for collaboration with Dresslink:

Roses in Paris. 
Elegant and chic. White skirt with dark red roses + matching burgundy bustier crop top + monochromatic accessories. Chunky heel black and silver sandals, black-and-white Paris tote, and a necklace with pearls and rhinestones. 

Buy the items here:
(Click on the photos to open)
Shoes, available in 3 colors. $8.54

Paris Handbag. Black and Burgundy. $2.52

Skirt, 4 colors. $7.38
Bustier Crop Top. 4 colors. $7.15

Necklace. 6 colors. $2.21