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Friday, May 29, 2015

Becky's Bobcat Dress

Beautiful Becky's Bobcat dress making me feel like Alice Alisa in Wonderland! Alice's Pig designed it perfectly to make it look so vintage and classy yet modern at the same time.

Alice's Pig is a brand based in Brixton, London that is inspired by vintage style and Alice in Wonderland. Based on that, I kind of tried creating a look similar to Alice's in a way by wearing a tied knot headband and making my hair look shorter by curling it and putting it back. 

 I also paired the dress with black and silver chunky heel sandals that I have worn before in one of my previous blog posts. 

The biggest reason why I chose this dress is because of the fabric it's made out of that gives it such a unique look. Transparent skirt with an underskirt inside is something that I have been imagining and sketching for a long time for my future designs, and Becky's Bobcat dress has it combined perfectly!