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Monday, March 2, 2015

K.Dupont New York

Got my Signature White Loose Crop Tank from K.Dupont New York, a fashion brand located in New York that offers Designer Graphic Clothing for both women and men. 
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Here's the package I received from K.Dupont.
I also got cards with some of the styles that they offer.
The signature top that I got:
I styled it with a leopard print skirt that I bought just few days before receiving the top. Most of the clothing that K.Dupont offers is black and white, so it can give you a lot of different ways to style it. 
Even though loose crop tops are usually worn with jeans or shorts, this one still matched perfectly with high heeled lace-up sandals and a skirt. 

Here's couple of different styles that I put together using the K. Dupont Signature White Loose Crop Tank. The most common way for people to style it is with jeans, so I decided to not post it here since it's too obvious.

1. High waisted denim shorts. Wear it with high heels for the edgier look, or with flats/sneakers for more casual look. Shoes from MakeMeChic.

 2. Florals. Dolly style with a floral high waisted skirt, floral flats, and a floral snapback. Shoes and snapback from Forever 21. I got the idea of adding snapback from seeing pictures on K.Dupont's website, they have a lot of snapbacks available.

 3. Black and White. Chic look that I styled by adding black skort, purse, and holographic flats. Purse from Betsey Johnson, flats from Forever 21.

 4. A-line skirt. Any a-line skirt will be fine, but I think that something with prints might be the best. I used the kitty print skirt and sandals for this look. Both from eBay.

 5. Denim skirt. This crop top will always look good with denim skirts. I put it together with blue chunky heel sandals for a casual girly look, but just changing shoes or adding accessories could change the style completely.

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