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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day Weekend ♡

My Valentine's Day weekend started on Friday (the 13th) evening, when me and my boyfriend/fiancé went to pick up the cake that we ordered from Paris Baguette. 
It was a Tiramisu cake, and it tasted perfect except for the bitter dark chocolate powder on the hearts (it was still good as long as I mixed the hearts with the bottom part of the cake)

Pic of us with the cake:
We both look really tired on this pic, and by the way he doesn't go to USC, just the t-shirt was red so I chose it for our pre-Valentine's pic. Notice the tiny owl and the butterfly behind us? 

Before eating the cake he helped me stick on my Valentine's flash tattoos :> 
These tattoos are really good, they lasted for 2 days perfectly! Here are some closeup pics of them:

This is a pic of us on Valentine's Day morning drinking tea, before going out. Cutest couple mugs is one of the gifts that I gave him. He gave me something sooooooo adorable and cute that I don't even want to show it! I am being weird like this sometimes haha :P
Our lovely adorable cups:
We decided to go to Downtown LA, because we haven't been there since summer. I love how it's always colder there than anywhere else in LA and almost not sunny at all because of the tall buildings. We watched movies, took pictures, ate, and just walked around. 
Our outfits are matching! His basketballs/oranges print t-shirt and my floral dress 

Today (15th) we went to the California Science Center and had lots of fun there. Saw cute animals, birdies, fishies and a lot of really cool stuff. Didn't get to take good quality pics together :( It's our 2nd time going there, and we still didn't finish all the exhibits because it's so big and there's so much to see!

He took this pic of cute pink fluffy flowers, and I edited eyes on them to make them look like dustballs from Spirited Away/My Neightbor Totoro :>

I didn't get to write and post everything on this blog post because I'm too tired, but I might add some more pics later :)

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day! ♡♡♡