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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Meow Fashion ♡

One of my favorite outfits because I love cats and everything about them 
Kitty ears, stockings and face stickers:

I've had my kitty stockings since long time ago, but never really got to wear them. I couldn't find these in U.S. stores at that time, so I ordered them on eBay, but recently I saw them being sold in few different places. These look like stockings, but they are actually a mix of a pantyhose and a stocking with kitties printed on them (scroll down to see a picture showing it better). And it also looks like a tail from the back!

You don't have to wait for Halloween to dress like a cat because these can be worn everyday! Especially if you just wear the stockings and the headband without putting on the face stickers. Match it with some simple looking, neutral colored dress or skirt+top, and the casual kitty look is ready!

As I said before, the stocking/pantyhose is from eBay, and here's a pic where you can see it better. The face stickers are from Hot Topic and the headband is from Wet Seal. 

I tried putting on the eyeliner stickers, but they weren't comfortable and make my eyes itchy, so I drew my eyeliner thicker instead of sticking them on. I also put on only 3 of the whiskers stickers, just because it looked better this way. 

Here's a better quality pic of my make-up, and also a pic of me and my boyfriend/fiancé who always takes all the pics for me :*

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