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Monday, January 26, 2015

Cutest Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is coming soon, means it's time to start preparing gifts for your loved ones. Of course if you want to be a typical human, you can just get flowers, chocolate and a teddy bear for a girl, or tie, watch and socks for a guy. But if you want to give something really special and creative, I have some perfect gift ideas that I'm going to share with you. Most of these ideas are for couples, but if you change it up a bit, they could be nice for a friend of family member too. Also, most of these things can be bought only online, so order them ASAP to get them in time!

1. Couple cases:
Giving couple cases for Valentine's Day is always a good idea. There are a lot of options that could match any couple! Here are some cute couple cases that I found online:
But, in case you have different models of smartphones, or you just don't like any of these, you can make your own custom cases or decals (stickers). 

This is a matching iPhone decal that I made recently. The reason why I did it was because all the couple cases online were too girly or cheesy for my boyfriend. So I decided to make a custom one, with a picture of me on his phone, and a picture of him on mine.  
I made this one myself, by getting a plain white decal for my iPhone 6 and black one for his iPhone 6 Plus, then editing our pictures in Photoshop, printing it and sticking on top of the decal. I know it's a little complicated and confusing, but I just wanted to make sure that hearts are the right size and matching. 
This is the edited picture in Photoshop before I printed it.
The easier way to do it would be to get a custom decal or case without doing printing and sticking. One website I used before for custom cases and decals is, it has a lot of choices for different smartphones and it's really easy to use. 

2. Matching household items:
These gifts would be better for couples who are married or living together, but they could still be okay if you go to each other's houses a lot. Here are some cute ones that I found:

3. Love Coupons:
This was one of the gifts my boyfriend gave me for the last year's Valentine's Day, and I loved it soooo much! This is the front page of the coupons I got:
These coupons are the cutest! You can create and customize your own coupons online at Here are some of them:

4. Love Book:
After receiving Love Coupons for Valentine's Day, I started looking for something similar that I could customize and give to my boyfriend. I found, and it's a personalized love book where you can tell your other half everything you love about him/her. It is really adorable, and it has too many different pages to choose from! I gave it to him for our anniversary last year, and my book had over 200 pages! 
This is how the Love Book pages look:

5. A cute toy:
Don't just get any regular big plush toy, that's what everybody already does. If you want it to be even more special, get something really cute, one example could be Beanie Boos. They are just too unimaginably adorable, and there are a lot of cutest animals to choose from!
Other idea is to choose a toy of his/her favorite animal. has too many gifts related to different animals! You can browse products there by choosing an animal and then seeing all possible options. There is also an option to choose from dozens of sweet smells to spray on your products. My boyfriend got me a chick toy and a chick bag, because I love chicks, they are so tiny and cute! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ He also got me kitty earrings, poster, and t-shirts from there. 
Another toy you could give is a toy of a favorite cartoon/movie. For example because we loved Big Hero 6, we got a lovely huggable toy of Baymax ()
It could be anything from movies or cartoons that's cute! If you like Frozen, it could be toy of Olaf. There are too many options! Just think of what he/she likes the most and get a toy of that!

6. A Pet:
Even cuter than getting a toy would be to get a real tiny animal! You can get a little hamster, birdie, guinea pig, mouse, bunny, turtle or a fish. These are not so hard to take care of, but they still do need care. So if you think the receiver of your gift isn't responsible enough, or doesn't have any free time, then it would be better to just get a toy. But if you guys have been planning to get a pet earlier, this could be a perfect chance to adopt a kitty or a puppy! 

7. Something Unusual:
Get him/her something unusual and surprising! I got a Mug with a Hoop for him for New Year, because he likes basketball, so now he can drink hot chocolate with marshmallows and play basketball at the same time! I got it from They have a lot of cool unusual stuff that you won't find anywhere else!

8. Personalized items:
Rather than getting a gift that anyone else can have, get something personalized, with your names or pictures. has a lot of very nice gifts for Valentine's Day. 

9. The way you give it:
Sometimes it doesn't matter much what the gifts are, but the way you give it to each other. Last year's Valentine's Day, my boyfriend pretended that he didn't get anything for me, and surprised me by hiding the gift in my bathroom. I got so happy that I cried! The exact way he did it, and how perfectly he acted to hide it from me is a long story, but the point is to give a gift in a surprising way. For his birthday last year I got about 7 new babies for him (toys that we get for each other are our "babies"), and hid them around the house. Each gift had a note with instructions of where to find the next gift. He had a lot of fun playing my "game" and looking for the gifts! 
Valentine's Day isn't to show off and get something expensive or fancy, it needs to be something that will make both of you happy. It could be even something really small or cheap, but given in a special unforgettable way. 

Free gift, cute printable Valentine's cards I found online :)
I'm going to write a new post in few days, about outfit ideas for Valentine's Day! 
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