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Friday, December 19, 2014

❄ Outfits, Hair & Nails for New Year or Christmas ❄

❅1. OOTDs

Now that 2015 is coming up, here are few outfit ideas for the New Year's Eve or Christmas. Both outfits that I'm wearing have gold and silver in it, because I think that New Year is the best time for glitter, sequins and shiny stuff. 

Look like a doll with wavy hair, a-line skirt and an oversized hair bow! I'm going to talk about the bow a little later on this post. The skirt and shoes are from Forever 21, and the top is an old sequin dress that got too short, so I cut it and turned it into a top. 
I've got these two colors of the same shoe to match it with 2 different outfits for New Year. The heel is 5.5-6 inches, so it might be a little uncomfortable to walk, but these shoes are really light and will make any outfit stand out.

Here is an outfit that I styled with the gold shoes:
As I mentioned before, the shoes are from Forever 21 as well as the top. I've got the skirt from a year or two ago, but never got to style it until now. 

❅2. Hair
Here's my Elsa (Frozen) inspired hairstyle. The nice thing about Elsa is you can dress as her for both New Year and for Halloween. Check out my Elsa dress picture and Elsa make-up video that I posted for Halloween.
For this hairstyle, I braided my hair and put snowflakes on it. Found this cute snowflake tree in a dollar store, took few snowflakes off and put it on my hair. Didn't need to use any hairpins, the snowflakes just got sticked to my hair by itself. 
 This second hairstyle is the one that I mentioned earlier in this post, with an oversized hair bow.
To do it, find or buy a big bow that is sold everywhere as a New Year decoration for home. Choose one that's a little bigger than your head, so it sticks out on the sides and gives you that dolly look. Get two bobby pins and attach them to the back of the bow:
Here's how it should look when you wear it:

❅3. Nails
This is my first trial of New Year nails. Painted it all green, drew a Christmas Tree on my ring finger, a snowflake on my middle finger, and added glitter on top. 
I didn't like my first trial much, it looked good only on the picture because some of my nail polishes dried out. So I got new nail polishes and painted my nails a little differently.
Here's an edited picture with my Christmas Tree in the background, and an unedited one:

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